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posted by Carter

05.12.11 @ 12:27 PM


The first part of this comic, the science part, is based on real life. The rest of it isn’t, and I don’t know how upset I really need to be about that.

I don’t want you to be worried that we’re trying to corner the market on” science + sex = funny” comics; we’re not. But sometimes the funny is stored in your brain like veins of gold, and they run through the same cortices as one another. Or something. It’s a theory I’m working on.

Speaking of neurology (I was, right?) there’s a fascinating article on the other side of this link about people who can’t see faces. They literally don’t recognize them as things.

This isn’t about science of any kind, but it is funny and humbly offers some perspective. The comments are still turned on, but I don’t know how long before the Internet actually collapses under the weight of Star Wars nerds and people who think it’s stupid and can’t wait to tell all of us.

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  1. FUME5

    Don't have Photoshop anymore, and I'm not going to try and fuck around with it in Paint /

    Panel 1: "Grunt. Grunt"
    Panel 2: Frank "What the fuck is he doing?" Ratstache "It's his new excercise regime."
    Panel 3 Elrond "Shakeweight motherfuckers!"

  2. Jiletli Tel

    funny but could find something funnier

    he could be in the toilet for example cleaning himself …

  3. Paul

    Put it to work, sir. You have the power!

  4. Blue Froman

    But I leave all the funny stuff to you and Carter! :(

  5. Blue Froman

    GIMP is a nice free alternative to photoshop, if you wanna give that a try.

  6. Surtursbane

    Hurray, the penis museum in Iceland now has a human penis! Congradulations Iceland!

  7. Paul

    Really? That seems unnecessary.

    "And here we have the human penis."

    "So THAT'S what it looks like…"

  8. doomsicle

    "These things could go off at any time" … Just how many penises does he have? o.o

    Also that article on prosopagnosia was awesome. Made me think of Chuck Close- a painter with that exact issue who is known for painting faces.

  9. FUME5

    Yeah, tried GIMP but it doesn't play nice with my work computer.

  10. Michael's_Words

    Regular sexual intercourse has been shown to lubricate joints and improve heart health…not to mention the word "prophylactic" is fun to say. Honestly if it wasn't for AIDS sex would have to be FDA regulated.

  11. Blue Froman

    FD-AIDS approved *thumbs up*

  12. a link

    lol i really like this comic, made me laugh

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Paul Lucci

J/SP (Jokes Per Square Panel)

posted by Paul

05.12.11 @ 12:43 PM

Sometimes we make a comic and I find it funny. Sometimes, not so much. And then sometimes, we’re right in that middle area where I can see why it’s funny, but for some reason I’m not getting there. It’s usually about that time that I realize we’re not the only people capable of writing jokes.

Which brings us to another, “Hey, brosef. See if you can out-joke us. Here’s some art. Maybe use that, ok, brosef?” or HBSIYCO-JUHSAMUTOB.

I'll get us started.

Here's your template, funny guy.

Email ‘em to me and I’ll put ‘em up.