Late Nights, Cunning Slights


This has happened to all of us.

Maybe you gave some guy's team a serious ass-flaying.  Maybe you camped some team's spawn point like a lab rat at the end of a feeding tube.  Maybe you just entered a lobby.

You know what caused any of those things to happen?  Homosexuality.  Word is bond.

See you Friday.

Go play Mass Effect.

News Post: Why we hate you


It's because you insist on treating us this way. I've been in abusive relationships before, and I've learned that if you don't step in and put a stop to it yourself, it will just go on and on.

In case you were wondering (I doubt you were), I calculated the size based on pixel count of the areas in the screen shot. Yes, it took some time to put together. Yes, I have other things to do that are vastly more important and rewarding. But damnit, I'm just fucking done with these kinds of websites.

This. This right here.