The Characters

Frank PlutarkFrank Plutark

The leader of the group, he is strong and resolute in his devotion to his sacred duty. Despite the chronic laziness of the others, his determination to hinder the technological progression of the human race often results in victory.

"A general goes to war with the army he's got."

Elrond HubbardElrond Hubbard

The technical expert, he is responsible for creating the Gremlins? tools of destruction and mayhem.

"Sir, that device is art in motion."

Nicholas P. OgelthorpeNicholas P. Ogelthorpe

The Watcher, he is tasked with monitoring all human communications. His appetite for media of all kinds is matched only by his appetite for Ring-Dings. The Internet and modern television have rendered him almost useless, giving him way too much to do.

"That, um, that looks delicious."

Retrac DiagorasRetrac Diagoras

The scribe and scholar, Retrac is the only Gremlin concerned with the past. Quiet, reserved and dignified, his only quirk is that he has a rat. Taped to his face.

"There are few tales in life more touching than those of a boy and his mustache."

The Creators

Paul LucciPaul Lucci

The other half of TCG, he brings the weird to the comic. Artist of artists, he is the one who actually draws the comic. His love of video games keeps him going through the cold Northern winters.

Carter FortCarter Fort

One half of the creative force behind The Crooked Gremlins. Code-monkey extraordinaire, he built the site with which you are currently enthralled. Typically, he writes the news post that accompanies each comic.

The Schedule

Currently, the strip updates when it?s ready, along with a news post. Don?t be thrown by the phrase ?news.? It?s pretty much guaranteed that there won?t be anything ?newsy? about it.

Navigating through the Archives

You can easily move from comic to comic using the Prev and Next buttons, or the Random button (if you?re feeling adventurous).

New people can start from the beginning if they like, but beware; down that path, madness lies.

Where you come in

Every reader (that?s you) is important to us (we), and we (us) have helpfully provided a variety of ways in which they (you) can interact with us (we, or us. I forget).