This strip is very special to me, and I think it gives a great deal of insight into my character.

You see, I hate Kid Rock.

Not just a little bit. Not, like, I dislike his music.

No. Every time I see his greasy hair and that stupid mustache/goatee/Van-Dyke thing on his face, I want to pull out my eyeballs in an inefficient manner.

And hearing his voice also induces a desire to commit acts of humorous violence.

So when I went to see Hamlet 2, a homeless man's version of "Waiting for Guffman," I was very pissed to be treated to a Mr. Kid Rock's music video entitled "National Guard Warrior."

I'm providing a link, and here's why:

This music video should be seen by all Americans who intend to vote in the upcoming election, and anyone who thinks it's "awesome" or "badass" or "patriotic" should be tied in a storage closet on November 4th.

It's bad. It's... it's really fucking bad.