The annals of history are finally starting to see the light of day. It took a while, and Frank told me that they lost more than a few interns, but the records of the Gremlins' mischievous acts have finally been dug out of the archives.

The predecessors of this generation of Gremlins had a knack for inciting death and destruction more so that the current batch. But our guys are dirty bastards in their own way. Bookmark this site and you will see how.

If you are anything like me, which I will take for granted that you are, then you have watched Shia grow from the adorable little pre-puber in "Holes" to the unbelievably lucky douchebag who's in some movie where he's on the phone with people who can see him. Or he gets to make out with Megan Fox.

He's just sort of... there. He doesn't exude talent or 'the sexy' or even charm. But he's there, in a mumbly-bumbly kind of way that makes you want to ignore him. Also, I get the feeling that he spits a lot when he talks. That bothers me.

So, for this (and many other forgettable transgressions) we are submitting to the world a new verb - LaBeoufed.

Screwed the pooch? No. You LaBeoufed it. Dropped the ball? Way to LaBeouf it, LaBeouffy. Accidentally killed a hooker in Reno? Major LaBeouf-age.