So, um, I'm sure everyone else is already aware of this fact, but there are lot of webcomics out there.

I've just recently gone through the arduous and repetitive process of submitting our URL, Name, and Description to a few webcomic directories. I'm starting to feel a small twinge of appreciation for people who write spambot code.

If only we could be sure that the power wouldn't be abused, we could have things like automated listing submittal services. Sure, nuclear weapons are fine and dandy, but god-forbid we have a piece of software that will responsibly submit our information to listing services without spamming ones we don't need.

Which reminds me: Don't ever, EVER, give a company money in exchange for the promise of "automatic listing submission" or "guaranteed backlinks" or "top listing in Google." More often than not (read:constantly) these outfits will wind up damaging your URL's reputation by putting your name in link farms or making it seem like you're associated with spammers.

If you find yourself in the Google dog-house, I suggest you apply for a job there. Maybe then you can find a way back into their good graces. But I doubt it.

The "First Looks" of CS4 are making the usual rounds. MacWorld's columns sound like the magazine was bought by Adobe.

Adobe (worried about Microsoft's Silverlight?) has integrated Flash into absolutely everything. InDesign, a program used specifically for page layout and printing, can export in SWF files with page transitions. Not a bad idea, considering how much content is viewed on the web.

Vote for us. We deserve it! 



Okay, so I got the definition of LaBeoufed wrong. It does not mean "Screwed it up." It means "made uninteresting." Much more appropriate.