Here's a free tip, kiddies: Mushrooms don't always have the desired effect.

It was fairly predictable that we would include the Duke of Nukem in this strip, since we've both been playing it as if it were video cocaine. Also, I enjoy the irony of having Mr. Nukem be the censoring force in this strip. 

In order to ensure the highest quality of satire, we need to be familiar with the details of our subjects. To find the correct coloring for Duke's clothes, I went on a Google search.

I also found some evidence to suggest that the game "Duke Nukem: Forever" (for which a teaser trailer was released in December 2007) is not actually in production, but rather is just a marketing ploy devised by some clever dicks over at 3D-Realms.

Honestly? I hope they don't make another game. I'm happy with the Duke I got.