Something that State Farm leaves out of their small print explanations: They'll only cover lab accidents involving Necrotizing Fasciitis if you have like a $10 deductible. And really, who can afford those premiums?

I think that these commercials make a really good case for having insurance on your personal effects, and I bet they're pretty effective in terms of getting people to sign up with State Farm.

But they all seem kind of disingenuous, in the way that all advertising is. It's an insurance company, saying, "Here are some things that can* happen in real life, after which you find yourself saying, 'Now What?' Well, we can provide you with ease of mind."

Which is total horseshit, because an insurance company only makes money when:

  • Bad things don't happen to you.
  • They avoid paying benefits by having obfuscatory policies and rules.
So, what the answer to the question "Now What?" actually winds up being, "Spend 4 weeks on the phone with my insurance company only to find that my lazy eye prevents me from having my particular color of car covered."
*Okay, maybe you'll never drop an A/C unit on your car from a third story window. But, you know, you could.