Since all holiday celebrations now start roughly two weeks before the holiday itself, it should come as no surprise that many people have chosen to have Halloween parties already, even though the actual day falls on a perfectly good Friday at the end of this coming week.

After being out and about at various parties and pleasantries, I have noticed what can only be called the beginning of a trend: Sarah Palin is the new "Whore."

Wait. Let me explain.

Halloween has, for quite some time, been lauded as the one time of year when it was  socially acceptable for women to dress up like Slutty Nurses, Slutty Cheerleaders, and Slutty-That-Girl-That-Was-Eaten-By-The-Monster-In-Some-Obscure-80s-Flick. Okay, fine, that last chick is super cool and we all know it, but that sort of steps on the point I'm trying to make.

Girls this year have decided to shirk their responsibility to dress as Women Of The Night and instead are dressing as different variations of Sarah Palin. Some are more literal, with a front-loading Baby Sling and a six-shooter, or the Pageant Sash, or the $150,000 price tag on the jacket. Some try to get cerebral, with nothing but a "Vice Maverick" name-tag and their hair done up in whatever that hairstyle is called.

It's just like any other year, really. No matter what they put on, it's alluring and you're willing to pretend that it's funny so they'll talk to you. I'm sorry to say it, but we don't think it's all that clever.

It's just so... last election.