The degree to which this comic is culled from our real lives is actually quite disturbing.

It turns out that there is one industry that has proven itself to be immune from the current fiscal woes to which all other major business have succumb - The Video Game Industry. One need only glance at the looming releases that will be coming out in the next two months to have their spirits buoyed. Not only will their entertainment appetites be sated, but there's also the possibility of finding gainful employment at the last racket in the world that's still turning a profit.

Or, my read of the monetary landscape is totally retarded, and the full effects of this global economic meltdown will not be felt for some time. It's not like Black Tuesday, the Stock Market crash in 1929, was followed by Shanty Town Wednesday. These things take time.

In the meantime, you should all just revel in the simple fact that the election is almost over and you can stop compulsively reading or or DailyKOs or TownHall or whatever.

And when you no longer check those sites for new content every 34 seconds, where will all of that nervous page-reloading energy be pointed? Hopefully, right here.