Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2 continue to dominate my Xboxing. I am dreading the return of the RROD, especially since it has happened to me before. I was without my 360 for a week. I took to playing Super Monkey Ball on my GameCube. And enjoying it.

I just don't want to go through it again. I might get as bored as Elrond in today's strip.

Speaking of history repeating, the Screen Actor's Guild is ramping up an "education campaign" for its members, promising to teach them why they should go on strike.

Everyone remembers the 2 and half months that the Writer's guild was voluntarily out of work last year, and everyone remembers the horrific fallout. We saw truncated seasons for Heroes and the still-full-of-possibility "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles." House, M.D. was an empty shell of its former self, and no one noticed any difference in Lost.

Okay, sure, most of the scripts for Lost were finished before the WGA walked away from the negotiating tables, but whatever. I don't get that show.

I can guarantee you one thing: If the SGA strikes, it will have more public support than the WGA did. Why? Because people can't tell the fucking difference between characters on a TV show and real life. They think the actors are the shows, when any creative person knows that the life-blood of TV and films is in the writing.

We are starting to see, however, a shift in this dynamic. People are starting to recognize that it's the not the talking meat-props* who make their favorite characters seem smarmy and hip and vulnerable and sexy. It's the writers.

And, after the first strike, it may be that people who work hard all day long and only want to come home to some reliably distracting TV shows (or they pay $14 to see a movie in the theater) are tired of the bitching and moaning of people who get paid ridiculous sums of money to be famous.

*NOTE: I do not consider the thespian stylings of Ms. Summer Glau to be meat-prop...ery. She is an exquisite marvel. And purty.