As previously mentioned, we don't like to use our comic to discuss politics. It's utterly pointless and can lead to hackery. But this is a funny concept and we haven't seen Retrac in a while, so enjoy his descent into madness. Also, if you're wondering why he has a rat taped to his face, wonder no more.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's discuss politics.

The "Green Movement" has gone from something that intelligent people once discussed in their Ivory Towers to a divisive wedge issue, one that Bill O'Reilly and Neil Bortz have absolutely no problem exploiting to get more people to pay attention to them. Also, the Ivory Towers are no longer in use due to an injunction filed by P.E.T.A.

Divisive politics makes a lot of money for a lot of people, so don't expect it to go away any time soon. But if we look past political punditry and accept the fact that some, not all, but some "green" technology actually makes fucking sense, then we could have an adult conversation about it instead of calling each other wimpy tree-huggers and heartless troglodytes. If we could realize that not every idea has to devolve into a goddamn rumble between the Jets and the Sharks, maybe we could actually do some useful shit.

A friend of mine who studied meteorology once told me that one of the reasons she hated Al Gore so much was because of the poster for "An Inconvenient Truth." The hurricane that comes out of the smokestack, she delightfully informed me, was spinning in the wrong direction for the Western Hemisphere. Therefore, anything and everything that Gore has ever (or will ever, presumably) said is wrong and can be safely ignored. I think her distaste for the man may have also have been related to the size of Albert's carbon footprint, but I actually agree with her on that.

See that? See how easy that was? Part of her argument is specious at best, but it doesn't mean that there isn't something we can agree on.

In other news, I am officially addicted to StumbleUpon. It's not like I didn't use the service a lot before, but now I've kicked it into some kind of fucking overdrive, plumbing the depths of my soul for that unexplored potential to find every website that I'm even remotely interested in. When my eyelids are heavy and the clock reads 1:30 AM, I have to chant my new mantra: The Internet will be there tomorrow.

And then, at long last, I can sleep. If you're having problems with too much StumbleUpon, visit our Facebook page and start a discussion. Tell us your story. There is strength in numbers.

My New Love Affair With Netflix

I finally bit the bullet and got my free Netflix trial subscription a few hours ago so I could take advantage of the New XBOX Experience's integration with the streaming service. I've already watched a few Office and Heroes episodes, and there is literally no end in sight.

So, fantastic. In a world of DVRs and OnDemand TV, I now have an even bigger library of instantaneous entertainment at my High-Definition, Surround Sound-ing disposal. My favorite shows, new movies, classics... whatever I can think of.

This reveals to me the true value of the Red Ring of Death. It exists so that we will still occasionally feed and bathe ourselves while our boxes are "in the shop." I just hope that my own hardware can hold out until I've accumulated a nice ripe scent.