Is everyone ready for a Christmas miracle? Because we're certainly ready to ruin one.

We've obviously deviated from our typical three panel format so we can bring you guys a bit more Gremlinicity this holiday season. It's not that either of us are super into Christmas or anything, but this is a really good chance to exploit our premise. And who would want to miss a chance to do that?

It's gonna be a short post today for a number of reasons, most of which are not likely to be of any personal interest to you, our dear readers, and in keeping with the common deal between writer and reader I'll try my best to only supply you with the pixels that you want.

The long and short of it is that I have been without my TV since Sunday afternoon, and the use of it has only recently been restored. Let me put it another way; we're lucky to have a comic up at all, let alone one this big.



Friday, December 12th

I feel that I have sufficiently engorged myself, for the time being, upon the endless offerings supplied by my  special combination of television, XBOX and NetFlix. At least, I've enjoyed them for as long as I can stand without taking a break, and since I promised an update I feel oddly compelled to deliver it.

I want to thank everyone who wrote in asking for a personalized wallpaper. It makes us feel like people actually read these posts, which is something I'm going to appreciate much more than Paul for two reasons.

  1. He doesn't write here as much as I do.
  2. He's the one that has to draw the new wallpapers.
The Christmas continuity that we have begun will go throughout the New Year, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride. You're going to learn a lot more about the Gremlins that we've been comfortable sharing thus far, and your mind will need some serious preparation before plunging into the darkness of their characters.