So, here's a really great idea: take a hobby of yours that already eats up a significant portion of your time, plan a project that will demand double the time you would normally have to spend on it, and then schedule that project at the beginning of the fucking holidays.

As our loyal readers are already aware, we're working in double-sized strips for this Christmas Continuity. While we both truly do enjoy the process of comic-creation, it does place great strains upon us in many capacities. So, to my family, this continuity is why I didn't get you guys anything for Christmas.

I'm driving home today, stopping only briefly to collect my little brother from the airport. We'll have about 2 and half hours in the car before arriving at the family hovel. I asked him what movie he wanted to watch in the car on the way down and he suggested that we, you know, talk to each other to pass the time. I think we can compromise by watching something forgettable. Something with LaBeouf.

As a special gift to our readers, and an apology for having the strip up later than normal, I'm going to shed a little light on how Paul and I do business. He draws the strip, sends me the scans and I do the inking and coloring. Often, he'll include little notes and drawings in the margins of the pages he sends me. Here's a little piece of what I'm talking about.


This should help you understand the mind of the individual with whom I have chosen to work.