Here is our bi-weekly installment of Gremlin Goodness, despite the physical universe's blatant attempts to keep us from succeeding at our modest goals. Paul and I have noticed a rule of the universe; parents never live in a place with decent cell phone reception. I've spent the last few days with extremely spotty reception, and I feel as if I'm cut off from the outside world. Also, I've been forced to use a 64k DSL, which makes me feel like I'm trying to read while I'm missing a friggin' eye.

I'm just spoiled, you know? Ever since I got my first cable modem, lo those many years ago, I've been used to having wireless broadband with speeds that would make a wolverine purr. These last few days? Not so much.

Family time is special time for me, mostly because we all live in different parts of the country. It's an event when we come together; something to be celebrated.

I'm done writing for now. As much as I love you all, I have more pressing things that require my attention, namely drinking games with the siblings.

Be well everyone, and I hope you and yours are having as good a time as me and mine.