Here we have the first of the two it's-the-holidays-and-I'm-out-of-ideas comics.  Carter was nice enough to let my Cyanide and Happiness rip off go through, probably because we were at deadline.  Again.

Anyway, consider this strip a nod to a comic I find endlessly amusing and dark.  One can only hope to replicate such consistently funny material.  It is tough, though, having a constant thread - you know, characters, story lines, blah blah blah - to keep up while maintaining any sort of humor.  Having no premise leaves you free to make a comic about anything you find funny without watering them down.  That has to make things a lot easier during the creative process.  Also *ahem* stick figures.  This comic probably took us a collective 20 minutes to do.  That's not exactly the same burden I feel two times a week to at least try to make these green bastards look good.

Would I do things differently if we started over?  I dunno.  Maybe, but I love these little fuckers now.  Constantly expanding on what makes each of their voices unique is really very rewarding even if it's not always hilarious.

So, hopefully you enjoy this and the next what-the-hell-were-these-guys-thinking strip (still in the pipe).  We will return to our regularly scheduled program shortly.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and Merry Whatnots.