In a world where international thieves of a Bondian caliber are allowed to stay at home instead of getting tossed into the bottomless pit where they belong, I think it's nice that there's a place on the Internet where you can come for a nice, elegant whale semen joke. Don't you?

The first time I ever heard Bernie Madoff's name spoken aloud, I thought someone was executing a tasteless pun. I mean, c'mon. Madoff? Pronounced "made off?" That's in the same bargain bin as, "I once knew a bookie named Skip Town."

For those who don't know his name, Bernie Madoff ran a humongous Ponzi (I don't know what it means either) scheme that stripped thousands of people of their savings and retirement funds, not unlike the Enron and WorldCom scandals. You would think, eventually, that people would stop investing their hard earned dollars with these pirates, but apparently it's vital to the economy.

I know nothing of economics, and I think this is one of the reasons why.

Paul recently pointed me toward my first iPhone game purchase, and I've been very satisfied with it so far. It's called Edge, and you will wreck your car if you play it while driving.

Trip to DC

I'm going out of town this weekend for little event you may have heard of. I'm doing some work for a company that is taking me to the Inauguration. Apparently, my talents as a web ninja have netted me a trip up there for a rather historic event, during which I will probably be locked away in some basement, my face aglow with the blue light of my MacBook Pro screen.

The event is the LINK-live Inaugural Webcast, and all true Americans will be there. The site it up now, but it obviously won't be crazy hopping until the day of. That's the 20th, in case you don't know.

I just hope that the group doesn't mind that I gave them a shout out under a comic about people ingesting whale semen.

I won't tell if you don't.