Anyone who remembers the Mustache Chronicles knows how much that particular continuity means to Paul and me. If you want to see what inspired this idea, slake your thirst.

There are three things about today's entry that set it apart from all that precede it:

  • We are using a significantly different artistic style. We're not making a permanent change or anything, we just ran out of time. My attention has been pulled elsewhere on actual work.
  • I'm writing this post by hand. With a pen. On paper. Obviously, I plan on transcribing it, but not right now because...
  • This is our first post created at 35,000 feet, and the two people between whom I am sitting make producing my laptop a feat I'm not prepared to undertake.
I'm traveling to DC for the Inauguration. I got a gig doing some web/video work for the fine folks over at Mobilize.Org. It will be a sight to see, and I expect all of you to be there. The party starts at 6PM, EST.

I don't particularly enjoy flying, which I'm sure puts me in line with about 93% of the human population. All anyone wants to talk about is the plane that recently crashed into the Hudson river. Why people think that these kinds of events will have chronological proximity is beyond me, but maybe that's a part of human nature to which I'm not privy.

One of the flight attendants mentioned that more people pay attention to the emergency exit procedures right after a big aeronautic news story, which is again confusing to me. People allow the things that they fear, and the degree to which they fear them, to be heavily affected by people on TV whose job it is to scare them.

I just don't get it.

Upcoming Guest Comic

Joe, over at Joe Loves Crappy Movies, has graciously agreed to let us do a guest comic for him. My cohort and I share a high level of excitement about this, and once you read some of his stuff you'll understand why. There was a part of me that wanted to 86 this whole DC/Inauguration/Be A Part Of History thing and just spend time creating that comic.

But Joe's an understanding fellah, and he's giving us all the time we need to make something worthy of his fans. When you all go to see it, I expect you to behave yourselves and call me when you get there.

Cause, you know, I worry.