Sarah Palin is looking in to hiring a man named Robert Burnett to get her a book deal focused on her life. Mr. Burnett has inked deals for people like President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and many more famous names from the political arena.

I cannot imagine what kind of book Governor Palin would write. Wait. Yes I can. Those possibilities are before you.

I have returned triumphant from the frigid Capitol with tidings of great joy. The LINK-live Inaugural Webcast was a resounding success. I feel that I accomplished something on a personal and professional level of which I can truly be proud.

Paul and I even managed to write today's comic together, in keeping with the sacred trust that has been established between our unwashed readership and ourselves. Also, I must apologize for the lack of links in Sunday's post, but I was a tad busy with other affairs. I have no regrets.

We are preparing to write the guest strip for JLCM, and Paul had a marked flash of brilliance that eliminated the problems inherent in two people in different states watching a movie at the same time and talking about it while they watch it - Netflix. We both have XBOXes and Netflix. We'll pick a movie and be in a chat room while it plays in unison on both our TVs.

So simple. So elegant. I reflect on my decision to work with this person, and I feel vindicated in my selection.

Also, some of our diehard fans (yes, there are some out there and we love you too) will notice that our art style is changing. Yes, it's on purpose. Yes, it appears that we like this style more and will probably be switching to it in a permanent fashion. No, I will not take you out for a chocolate malted beverage. 

Because it's weird, Phil. That's why.

One quick plug for the benefit of our landlords and bar owners: You can buy prints of your favorite comics! Frame-ready, delicious prints.