Paul and I don't have what you would call a 'typical' working environment in which to create this comic strip. First, we're in different states. Second, we're both immature man-children who play too many video-games and surf the Internet when we have other things to do. Third, well, I guess we just love dick jokes.

I'm still sick, and Mother Nature saw fit to physically quarantine me, keeping me from spreading whatever unholy illness is ailing me. The ice storm, which will inevitably be called The Ice Storm of '09 (weather historians are horrible with creative names) has shut all possible means of escape from my residence. Which I suppose is okay. I mean, I work from home, the comic gets made over the phone, and all my stuff's here. And I least I still have power, which is good because everything I do plugs into something.

It's not like I leave the place a lot as it is. But there's an extra bit of pressure when you know that you can't leave, not even if you really want to. In order to stave off cabin fever, I started writing up my recent trip to DC. It will be available once I've gotten clearance from everyone that I mention by name.

Hey, I like these people. I don't want them disowning me.

Anyway, we're still working on the JLCM guest strip. Jesus, this thing had better be really fucking good.