Never underestimate how much better you can feel just by hurling a few insults toward your friends and/or co-workers.

There are days, not unlike today, when I am a little sad that I don't really use this space for reporting and commenting on the news. Sure, I'll mention some particularly juicy morsel every now and again, but as soon as anyone gets up on a soapbox I tend to tune them out. I imagine you are all the same way - listening to anyone preach is a chore, and visiting a website shouldn't be a fucking job.

It makes me sad because there are some insane news sacks flapping around lately. I have to watch as they cruise by, unassailed by my particular brand of wit and satire. But worry not! My melancholy is short-lived because I love today's comic.

We've been having a hell of a time deciding which movie to do our Joe Loves Crappy Movies guest strip about. Any input from the community would be appreciated. That means you, slap-nuts.

The CEO of MySpace was on some news show, trying to defend his dying community site. I can't imagine what it's like to be that poor man; after he turned his fledgling little experiment into a global phenomenon, it was bought by News Corp. (the FOX people) and turned into a punch-line.

Seriously. Have you used MySpace lately? It's just a bad experience, all around. I could go into more detail, but I feel I've already presented a reasonable argument against the service.

Speaking of service, I was please to see Tycho at Penny-Arcade give a shout-out to Doctor Who. At least, I think it was a shout-out. Maybe it was more of a "mentioning of Netflix's Watch Instantly Services." He is a huge nerd, so I'll assume that he knows about the Doctor.

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