Finally. An excuse for more of our favorite kind of comics - continuities!

We have decided that it's time to open up the books and drop a little Gremlin history on you fine people. Sure, we've explored this notion before, but any chance to expound upon a good idea is a chance you disabuse at your peril.

A good friend of mine believes that one of the essential components of good story telling lies within the motivation of the writer, meaning that the question "Why" is more important than "How." If someone were to ask me "Why" I spend the amount of time producing this strip with Paul, I'd say it's because I absolutely hate technology.

Really. I hate it.

What we want is stuff that works. What we're stuck with is technology. Let me break it down further for you; when a device doesn't work properly, it automatically becomes "technology" - a thing that must be fixed and maintained.

You can't get good and angry at it because it's not the fault of the device that it doesn't work properly; it's the fault of the engineer. But I don't give a shit. When something stops working, my logic immediately fails me and I become angry at the thing. The Gremlins are an alternate target for my anger. They are sentient beings I can imagine have a personal grudge against me and who positively delight when I can't do my fucking work.

The Apple Startpage is still the default page on my Safari browser. By and large, I ignore everything that it delivers to me so I can get on about my business of finding comic/design/porn inspiration. However, a particular rectangle of darkness caught my eye today, promoting the G.I. Joe movie that's coming out at the end of the year.

Despite my disappointment with the LeBeouf/Bay travesty that is called "Transformers," I felt it prudent to investigate this reinterpretation of my childhood playthings into a multi-million dollar extravaganza. The trailer didn't telegraph any information of value. It did cause me to go to the font of celluloid information, and I guffawed when I saw the actor they cast to play Cobra Commander.

Chris Eccleston, one of the bad guys, was the first new Dr. Who, and my favorite to date. I know there's a new guy, but I won't see any of his work until the next season makes its way to Netflix.

"Give me chastity and give me constancy. But do not give it yet."