Yes, other people think that it's weird that one of our characters, who already has a weird name, has taped a rat to his face. I guess the other Gremlins have just made peace with this little anomaly and ignore it, the way you ignore your friend's lazy eye.

Don't try and lie about it now. He knows you noticed it.

Friday was a big night for me. After some delayed gratification, during which time I forced myself to leave the house and be with other people, I watched my DVRed episodes of geekery: Dollhouse and Terminator.

The advertising campaign for Friday night was very well done. Both the idea behind it and the execution were both rock solid. But Cameron, who was featured heavily in the advertisements for obvious reasons, had about 3 minutes of screen time in that whole shitty episode. I was a little bit astounded that I had to wait 3 months for that.

As for Dollhouse, I found nothing extraordinary about it. I'm a huge Whedon fan, so it pains me to say that in ways that most of you will never understand. It is, however, downright likely that the FOX executives have screwed up the show somehow. I'm reserving judgement until next Friday.

I hate reserving my judgement. I have so much of it lying around, and if I don't expend it I'm afraid it will go bad, like curdled milk.

Oh, I almost forgot! We're using Twitter now. And by "we," of course, I mean "Not Paul." It was hard enough convincing him to use Facebook. I cannot imagine he would be remotely interested in tweeting.

Come to think of it, I required a little nudging toward it myself. Also, all the other webcomickers are doing it. It's the hip thing, ya dig?