I know it's bittersweet when we bid adieu to one of our brilliant continuities, but take comfort in the knowledge that Frank's Dad will return, if only to collect the money Nicholas owes him from the Superbowl.

Never bet against the Steelers. Evar.

My Twitter excursion is going swimmingly. I haven't gotten super-involved in it just yet, but I think that's kind of the appeal of Twitter. Not only does it not ask too much of you, but it will cut you off at 160 characters. That, you know, includes spaces.

One or two people have even found our comic through it, and that's all I can hope for. Free social media is the way of the future.

Speaking of the future, I have a new theory about the Internet. It's unrefined and incomplete, but I want to hear what you guys have to say about it. Here it is:

For every great idea that exists, there exists a parallel version of it that is worse and will outlive the superior product.

I would cite the example of Facebook v. MySpace, but I've already illuminated how I feel about that. Also, Facebook seems to be winning. Like I said, the theory is new and I'm working out the kinks in real-time.

The case that brought me around to this new theory is this; Jango.com v. Pandora.com.

They both present a tool for listening to music for free (Internet Radio). They both present the opportunity to purchase the music that you're listening to (Link to iTunes). But please... look at these two sites and tell me which one respects you, as a user, more. 

Bruce Lee once said that a good sculptor doesn't create a masterpiece by adding things to a piece of rock; he strips away what is unnecessary until he reveals the truth. Then again, The Little Dragon never had to worry about eCPM and AdSense.