I have a particular problem when I find a piece of entertainment that I thoroughly enjoy; I can't stop consuming it. If it's a book, I can't put it down. If it's a TV series, I'll watch it until there are no more episodes left. If it's a movie, well, I'll watch it until it's over. I guess that's the optimal situation, time-wise. The worst kind is any TV mini-series, which will keep me rooted in my chair for no less than 3 - 7 hours.

Even though I am a huge nerd, I've never committed myself to investigating any iteration of Battlestar Galactica. Star Trek doesn't ring any of my bells, nor does any of the sci-fi kitsch of the 60s. But I was out of movies I needed to watch via Netflix, so I figured I give would the 2003 "reboot" an honest shot. Damn if it didn't remind me why I love science fiction in the first place.

I plan on talking more about that topic in a different place, and I'll be sure to keep you posted.

As far as stuff you guys care about, I am happy to announce that we are almost certainly done with our Joe Loves Crappy Movies guest strip! I know this is true because I made Paul promise to finish it if I let the object of Elrond's desire in today's strip be "Fartbutter."

What? You didn't think I gave in without a fight, did you?

Mankind has invented a way to realistically simulate almost any situation available to the imagination. What do we use it for? Blowing each other up 'n stuff. Which is great, except now I can't do anything except think about Call of Duty 4. I've decided to start looking for great games that aren't shooters. Any suggestions?