Even though the Gremlins have cooler technology than us mere humans, they're still gonna use iChat.

One of my previous workplaces had a policy in effect where everyone had to have iChat open at all times during the day. I guess this was supposed to facilitate faster communication between departments, but really it meant that you could be distracted from important tasks with surprising ease. One of my coworkers used the Image Sharing feature to send me stuff from imageChan at odd intervals.

It was hard to get things done.

Netflix, my main supplier of Battlestar Galactica DVDs on the cheap, has a strange policy in place; when your debit card gets replaced and automatically canceled by your bank and therefore rejected for billing by Netflix, no one tells you. You find out when it's 10:30PM and you're getting ready to watch a movie with a friend and your XBOX starts spitting out error messages. Granted, they're obscure messages that don't convey the fact that Netflix thinks I'm a deadbeat who doesn't pay his fucking credit card bill, but a phone call from them doesn't seem out of place.

Anyone who has not seen Jim Cramer's guest appearance on The Daily Show should do themselves a favor and go watch it. It's what free-market capitalists would refer to as "industry self-regulation." I would refer to it as "disingenuous rodeo clown gets his ass handed to him by one of the last honest voices in fake journalism."

After completing the great office rearrangement, I found a box of old business cards that I made for myself when I first got out of college. Those days are all mired in barrels, smoking themselves like fine whiskey. I find it incredible that there was a time when I thought these cards looked good.

What a difference a career can make.