Every comic on this site is a journey. The starting point is usually somewhere innocuous and safe, like home. Once we begin walking down the dark path into the woods, there is absolutely no telling where we're going to end up, but you can bet it'll be somewhere weird.

It's fun to expand their world a little bit and see them mid-mischief. I'm obsessed with the planning and de-briefing stages of their activities, even though my favorite strip of all time takes place during a caper.

Our guest strip has gone up over at Joe Loves Crappy Movies. The fruits of our labor have been duly processed, turned into some kind of fruit salad, and I believe people are enjoying the consumption thereof.

The intensity of my love affair with forum activity is beginning to wane. There are a lot of rules you have to follow in exchange for which you don't seem to get a whole lot of anything but grief. I get the feeling that the days of yore, in which this kind of community activity was necessary, I would not have done very well.

This is, of course, a major impediment to The Crooked Gremlins because having a forum is apparently a prerequisite of having a successful webcomic. I'm toying with the idea, but honestly I'm not going to enjoy trying to run them. So if you're a fan and want to moderate our forums, let me know and I'll put them in place.

The full version of Auditorium is available to purchase and play. It's like meditation for your ears.

For more ear-candy, check out the phone-in interview I did for Webcomics Reviews and Interviews.

Short post today. We've got demons to slay.