Ever wonder what it's like to write a Crooked Gremlins' strip? This should give you a pretty good idea. Of course, since Paul and I collaborate on the scripts via telephone, he never gets to see me make this face. I would send him a picture of it, but I'm afraid he'll start using it as a dartboard.

I'm joking, of course. I find that perceived conflict and tension can make something funnier. Maybe that's why so few women have made the decision to spend any extended period of time with me. Yeah, let's go with that.

Our guest strip went up over at Joe Loves Crappy Movies a few days ago and it was a pretty big hit. We got a ton of traffic from it, and I suspect that we even retained a few of those readers. Time will tell.

I've finished creating the forums, and I will post a link to them shortly so you can all start rabidly discussing our comic with the fervor it so richly deserves.

The New England Webcomics Weekend is going on right now, and I can't say that I had any interest in attending this year. I might try and talk Paul into it next year, as if spending a weekend in Massachusetts in the middle of March is a good idea. We'll see what kind of shape we're in after 12 more months.

My requisite excitement for Dollhouse has waned. I haven't even taken the time to watch the latest episode. I will, of course, because I can't fucking help myself. But I'm very dubious that it will bring me joy of any kind.

Something that I really can't wait to fully consume is the Battlestar Galactica Summit at the United Nations. I started watching the video but stopped when I realized that they were discussing plot points that I have yet to discover. I'm fully a week behind in my BSG viewing schedule due to Netflix's whole "we-don't-tell-you-if-your-debit-card-gets-cancelled" policy, but I'm playing catch up as best as my schedule will allow.

At any rate, the discussion seems to be an important one that touches on the very root of the question; why is science fiction such a popular genre? I've mentioned before why I think it's such a fantastic medium, but I haven't really explained in detail. I will. Soon.

Tweeting is an addiction. It's something about which to be concerned, people. So be careful out there.