I was going to make mention of our collective propensity to create and present dick jokes, but then I happened to turn on an episode of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's podcast, helpfully titled SModcast. Those guys make us look like the fucking New Yorker.

Well, if the New Yorker were incredibly funny. Which it is not.

Speaking of podcasts, I also happen to enjoy the Dungeons & Dragons Podcast episodes that Wil Wheaton, Scott Kurtz and two dudes whom I don't know have done to promote the latest version of the tabletop RPG. While listening to the latest episode, I heard something that I feel I need to share with everyone. Scott made mention of a particular comic strip named Control-Alt-Delete, which sparked a conversation about how much everyone in the room hates the guy that makes it. Gabe, at one point, refers to him as an "art criminal."

Upon further investigation, I found an age-old feud between the fan bases of these two strips in which Scott has been personally involved. Digging deeper, I found a Joysiq article from last year in which both PA guys aired their issues with CAD. Tycho called Tim Buckley, CAD's creator, the antichrist, which is a strange turn of phrase when it comes from an atheist. It was also Gabe's first documented use of the "art criminal" phrase.

I'm not taking sides in this battle; that would be folly. But I will say that if I heard someone like Gabe call me something like that, it would absolutely crush my world. Maybe it's because I'm prone to hero-worshipping/crippling self-doubt in the first place, but when someone that successful says something so unambiguously spiteful, it's hard not to feel bad for the person on the receiving end. Even if that person created an incredibly unpopular story arc.

While I reserve the right to shut them down if they become an embarrassment, please note that we have opened up the forums for discussion. Behave yourselves and obey the moderator. If you consider yourself a fan, please head over there and introduce yourself. The boards are currently empty and the only people that can get the ball rolling are you. Is you. Whatever. You guys.

With a little luck, we'll become so popular that people will start hurling spiteful epithets at each other under our logo.