In a continued attempt to dissolve any rumor-mills that might be churning out propaganda about Penny-Arcade comics bearing a striking resemblance to Crooked Gremlins comics, I will make the following statement:

They. Don't. Know. Who. We. Are.

These are busy people with a serious and important business. They can't spend all day perusing the Internets, and they don't need to drink the wine of our mind-grapes to come up with funny comics. They've been funny for 10 years. It's not like they decided to just start stealing from people.

That is the last I will speak of this subject. So stop sending me links. I read PA already.

I mean, don't think you can't write at all. Praise from you guys is like food to us, and since we're not making "foldin'-money" off the site yet, it is occasionally our only source of sustenance.

I'm in Sunny California for the next week or so, working of things of varied import and excellence. Some people wait tables to support their art. I build websites. The tips are lousy, but there are less drunk middle-aged business men grabbing my ass.

That's not to say it doesn't happen at all. It just happens less.

Since the printing and shipping of all 8x10 comic prints have been unexpectedly delayed due to a sudden onset of trip-to-Californiatosis, we're extending a two-for-one deal on our Buy A Print option. Just put both names in the field at the bottom of the checkout form.