I'm returning from the Golden West shortly. In the old days, I would return laden with exotic silks and spices, tanned and refreshed from a long journey. In these days, I'm coming back with a book on jQuery. And yes, things are more expensive out here, but I think of it all as a beautiful weather tax.

We inverted our roles as writer and artist (which is kind of a joke, considering Paul did all of the writing and art for three of the last four strips) in order to produce a guest strip for The System. The strip's creator, Mr. Ross Nover, is a scholar and a gentlemen and worthy of your patronage. I'll let you know when it's up.

I have to mention one final thing about Dollhouse because I have finally reached the limits of my fucking sanity.

The last two episodes were good. Like, more than "just worth watching." In fact, the quality level of these recent installments begs the question: If they had material of this caliber on hand, why did they wait until Episode 8 to put it on the air? Why not put the good shit up front in a glass display case so that passer-bys can admire it with longing?

Instead of doing that and actually giving the show a chance, they hid the primo stuff in the back. Well, really, what they did was hide it in the basement, past the "Beware the Tiger" sign, down what could only charitably be called stairs, all of which is behind a locked door that is in the back of the shop. And they shoot you in the face if you walk into the store and ask for it.

That is my perfect metaphor for Dollhouse, and it's the last you will hear me speak of it.

I feel really bad, sometimes, for the people responsible for the creation and presentation of television shows. The pressure of being responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars, thousands of jobs, actors' careers and networks' reputations is just too much. It gets even worse when you realize your degrees of success are measured by fickle, childish focus groups inevitably filled with guys that want to impress everyone else in the group so they spout some pretentious bullshit that sounds kind of smart but is still complete bullshit.

Hell, Paul and I have a hard enough time being worthwhile when there's nothing riding on it. Imagine what these people must endure.

I've got some pretty big news about my web design work, which you can read as soon as I've written it. Don't worry, I'll help you find it. Following the Tweets would be a good first step.

This Tuesday officially ends our 2-for-1 print sale-a-ganza. Hurry and get your orders in.