Their nefarious purpose for venturing into an elementary school has been revealed. To us, as well. Again, we never quite know where a continuity is gonna go until the train has actually left the station.

Yesterday, I finally completed Call of Duty: World at War. Nazi Zombies, anyone? I did not see that coming. What's strange to me is that no one has mentioned it... anywhere. I really had no inkling that a battle with undead fascists awaited me. The only clue was the promo picture for the Map Pack, but I thought they were just being clever.

I highly recommend investing some time in a worthwhile documentary by the name of "The Education of Shelby Knox." It's about a small town in Texas that's difficult to describe without feeling condescending. It's one of those places where human evolution has come to a stand-still, where culture and compassion is considered "gay," and "gay" is clearly the worst thing you could ever possibly be.

Ms. Knox, who has become a progressive activist, led a group of teenagers who were demanding comprehensive sexual education from their local school board. The board, made up of exactly the kinds of people you think would make up a school board in Texas, decided that abstinence-only was going to remain the sole curricular item, despite their school district having teen-pregnancy and teen-STD rates exponentially higher than the rest of the country.

I know these towns. I've lived in them, talked with their people, ate their food and bred with their women. Well, not so much the last one, but you understand. I can't help but compare looking at the lives these people lead to observing people in mental institutions; a closed eco-system of insanity, perpetually doomed to relive the past because it is unwilling or unable to learn from its mistakes.

See? Now I feel like I'm being condescending.

I'm slowly re-acclimating myself to the local time. I still feel like I'm 3 hours late to everything, which makes normal human operations quite difficult.