I exposed myself to a few episodes of Jimmy Fallon's late night "variety" show when it first came on the air, and I think I'm almost fully recovered. It was an uncomfortable experience on all fronts. The format, the writing and the host are all uniformly bad. I really can't think of any other way to put it.

On a brighter note, Shep Smith of Fox News is my new hero. He interrupted a guy who was defending "enhanced interrogation techniques" with the old "the ends justify the means" argument. Shep started banging his hand on the table, screaming, "I don't give a rat's ass if it helps. This is America. We do not fucking torture."

On Fox News he said this, which makes him my new hero. It's possible I'm setting the bar a little too low for My Hero status, but I want to encourage that kind of behavior. Bill O'Reilly, I'm waiting for you to do... well, something intelligent.

It may have been for posterity. He may not have really meant it. He may not feel as strongly about other equally important parts of our Constitution and national history. But damnit, I loved hearing those words with the Fox banner in the lower left-hand corner.

I'm going to be tweaking the design of the site soon, again. It's the curse of the web-designer; we cannot stop. We are compelled to change our own sites, like Sisyphus with his constant uphill boulder-pushing.

Don't worry, though. I promise it won't hurt.