We wrote this comic on the day this thing actually happened, but our update schedule meant we couldn't run it until today. I mention this because I'm sure there will be, as there always is, a rash of webcomics about how idiotic the people in charge must be to fly a 747 anywhere near lower Manhattan.

We don't usually write comics about current news stories because singular events are typically forgotten by the next day. News cycles come and go, as their name implies. There are wretched creatures whose sole purpose is to make you forget about yesterday and start being afraid of tomorrow. Some tribes call these lost souls Shi'Phoram, which roughly translates into 24-Hour Network News Director.

That's the curse of webcomickery; our jokes have to be current, but they also need a shelf-life of more than six minutes. I would say that "if it were easy, everyone would be doing it," but it turns out that everyone does it anyway. Seriously, have you taken a look at the sheer volume of webcomics out there? It's dizzying.

As previously mentioned, a slight site tweak is in the works. When you see it, don't approach it fearfully like some un-evolved group of simians startled by a black obelisk. Learn to love it; it will be your provider of Gremliny goodness for decades to come.

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