We didn't even have to write today's comic. This is what life is like between my chosen associate and me.

My dance card is full up today, so our time together must be brief. In order to expedite the communication of things you need to know, I will simply bullet list them and let your simian mind imagine what poetic prose I would employ to impart them to you.

  • Site design tweak is coming.
  • Possible announcement regarding frequency of new comics.
  • Possible T-Shirts for the store.
  • New backgrounds for your computer monitors.
  • What Paul and I thought of Wolverine.
There. The river has been dealt, the bets have been made and our cards have been shown. I sincerely hope you all had a good Derby Day yesterday, and know that even if you didn't partake in the celebrations, plenty of people happily celebrated on your behalf.