I don't know where Megan Fox came from, but her career seems to be brazenly lain before us. We've seen this cycle before, and I'm certain we'll see it again. Young, hot and always looking just a leeeeeeetle bit constipated, she'll continue to get work up to the exact moment that people no longer want to see her naked. We will then cast her aside, like a spent Snicker's wrapper, in favor of the next New, Tan and Supple thing.

What a shame. To commemorate this misery, please enjoy a wallpaper of today's comic.

I don't normally pimp comics like XKCD since I assume that most people already know about that strip, but I have to give props to the creator because of the latest continuity. It hits on two of my nerdgasm pressure points: Firefly and Summer Glau. Read it and enjoy it if either of those two things appeal to you.

Our guest strip went up over at The System last Monday. That was a proud moment for us, and I think we managed to snag a few new readers. I would like to welcome them to our growing constituency of fans. I wish we had a forum where you could all get to know one another, but spam-bots took it over and I'm still scrubbing the server hardware.

We're approaching our 100th official Crooked Gremlins' strip! Big day for us, and to celebrate we're having another week of two-for-one prints. It will start on Sunday, May 17th and run until Sunday, May 24th. Mark your calendars.

Another calendar-worthy event: Joe Dunn, of Joe Loves Crappy Movies, has agreed to do a guest comic for us! We should see it a week from today if all goes to plan. Paul and I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

I'm going to see the new Star Trek tonight. I will have words for all of you when I return. And don't forget about the site design tweak that's a-comin.