It's Mother's Day today. Call your Mom. I do not recommend sending her a copy of this strip, but I'm not gonna stop you. In fact, if you buy a print now you can have it ready as a framed gift for next year!

The White House Correspondents Dinner was last night and Wanda Sykes was the entertainment. I like that they've started having comedians come to speak, especially since there's so much to be laughing about these days. Anyone who doesn't remember the greatest speech ever from the White House, take the time to relive the joy.

Guess what, everyone! We're just one week away from our 100th strip. That's right, seven short days until an arbitrary landmark that we're choosing to celebrate. In honor of this historic event, we'll be running a two-for-one special on all prints. Starting in one week. So if you were going to buy a print right now, don't! Wait a week and then get two, you cheap bastard.

The next strip will be from esteemed comicker Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies. We are eternally grateful to him for giving us the time to really go overboard with our 100th strip. Seriously, it will be a sight to see.