That's right, ladies and gentlemen. We made it to 100 strips.

This has been quite the journey. It took us over a year to complete, but we finally arrived at our destination, bruised and battered from the unforgiving wilderness that lays between "let's start a webcomic" and "we've done how many strips?"

True, this is an arbitrary number that we've chosen to celebrate, and it's not exactly accurate (we locked away some of our earlier work, having later deemed it unfit for human consumption). But the world is a cold and lonely place and whenever there's an excuse to be joyful it should be seized with vim and vigor.

In the spirit of this carniv√°le of comickry, we're offering our ridiculously popular and unprofitable Two-For-One Print-stravaganza. Just enter both dates/names into the bottom text field of the order form and you'll receive two for the price of one, as the name implies.

You have one week. Do not waste this opportunity.

Also, I suppose it's time to mention that Paul and I are planning to go to Connecticon. It will be a great learning experience and a chance to meet some of our fellow web-comickers, as well as observe some of the larger geek culture. We're going as civilians, but we'll be discreetly armed with plenty of Crooked Gremlins' propaganda, poised to infect the population with our brand of strangeness. Hopefully our excessive drinking and womanizing won't scare away potential fans.

I haven't heard any complaints from anyone regarding the new site design, so I will rest assured that everyone thinks it's the best thing ever and I should never change it again. Let me say that I agree with you, and as such the site will look like this forever. Or until the standard issue Designer vacillation rears its ugly head again. I'm laying odds at two months.