The punch-line in today's comic comes from SuperFan #99, Phil from Pittsburgh! Stand up, Phil. Take a bow. I mean, don't bend over too far. I know Paul is in your general vicinity.

I guess this is as good an opportunity as ever to remind everyone that even though we assign them human tendencies, the Gremlins are not human. They don't have the same social agendas or sexual ideologies that we do. Their process of reproduction has not yet been revealed, not even to their creators. But don't worry; as soon as we've figured it out, you all will be the first to know.

I have often said that I hate technology. I like stuff that works, and "technology" is simply code for "cool shit that doesn't really work all the time and it will drive you fucking crazy." Which is why I'm such a huge fan of Apple products; they tend to be designed and built by people that understand this principle and do their level best to create things that work. Apparently, the US Army agrees with me.

Yet another article about Facebook and Twitter being ruined by an influx of middle-aged people signing up and using it has surfaced. It expresses a pretty widely held belief that once a social networking tool becomes embraced by the media, it will inevitably become mainstream and the young people that were there first will no longer want to be a part of it. One favorite example is that people left MySpace in favor of Facebook because MySpace had become too mainstream and it wasn't "cool" anymore.

Let's clear something up, people. MySpace lost members to Facebook because Facebook doesn't make you feel like you might catch a venereal disease just by logging on, okay? It doesn't blatantly assault you with overwhelming advertisements, nor does it slow down your computer with shitty looking customized profiles and glitter.

These tools are what We make of them, and We includes the site creators. If the site creators decide to use coding standards that are easily hacked by spammers and phishers, then that's going to adversely affect their membership numbers. People don't want that shit and this is the Internet, where no matter what you offer, you have competition.

Twitter won't become less cool just because more people are using it. Your stream of updates is created and culled solely by you and the people you choose to follow. All of Twitter's bullshit is completely voluntary bullshit, which is the only way to keep people around for the long term.

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