There is a lot of "weird" in our little world, and I think it important to keep adding to it whenever we get a chance. And let's not pretend that your conception had any more dignity attached to it than this.

This idea came from a conversation we had last week, after I had mentioned in the post that we don't know where the Gremlins actually come from. We knew that they categorically were not the Warner Bros variety, in small part to avoid copyright issues but mostly because we preferred the mischievous little scamps from the Rohl Dahl comics over the cruel gargoyles depicted in the films.

In the process of making them our own, we added weird little fixations on human anatomy and made them gratuitously mean to one another. We really just wanted to explore what life is like for these little guys, and we've got a better idea now that we know where they come from.

Also, everyone and their mother has an origin story these days. We thought it prudent to get down on that.

I'm leaving this Wednesday for my sister's wedding in Tennessee. This shouldn't disrupt the actual update schedule, but if you live near or around Paul please be very nice to him for the next few days. He's going to be... quite busy.