Hark!  Yon post!

This marks the third time I've done the post.  I'm not even sure if that is accurate and I'm certainly not going to check.  Maybe we're at two.  You know what else there are two of?  My recommendations.  And (this time) I don't mean my testes.

The first comes in the form of comics.  Sort of.  I'm talking about Neely Comics. Have you seen these masterpieces?  They are animated (kinda) comics that usually feature either The Professor Brothers or Babycakes, and sometimes, historical figures.  I recommend you spend the next three days obsessing over them like they were a clump of hair, freshly fallen from your beloved.

The second recommendation comes in the form of an insult.  I am just plain old sick of your shit.  I recommend you remove that bag of sand you call a face from my vicinity, post haste, lest ye be stricken with old-timey verbal assaults.  Have at you!

I'm kidding, the second recommendation comes in the form of a blessing.  I recommend you give yourself over to our one lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Motherfucker walked on water!

Again, I jest.

See, my last recommendation is one that is hard to admit.  Unlike Carter, I do not glue my face and anus to two TVs, respectively, so that their electric glow will fill me from both ends like two studly dudes.  No, my intake of TV is a bit more prudish.  If I am in front of a TV, a controller is usually in my hand, like the penis of some studly dude.

Soooo, long inhale I just recently discovered how awesome Justin Timberlake is.  Go ahead.  Read that again.  Dude is hilarious.  I thought the Dick in a Box skit was a fluke.  I was wrong.  After seeing the "Mother Lover" video on Hulu, and then following Hulu's recommendation to the other awesome shit he's done on SNL, well, I'm a fan.  For reals.  I am not alone in this either.  My roommate admitted to being a fan as soon as the words had escaped my mouth.  My friend Tony even went so far as to say that as SNL hosts go, JT was second only to Christopher Walkin.  So, this is my second recommendation: you should help me fuck Justin Timberlake.

Happy Thursday, Babybitches.
Go Pens.