If such a thing existed as "a normal day" in the creation of The Crooked Gremlins, this would very much not be one of them.

The electricity is out at Paul's house, I'm coming down with some Hanta Virus bullshit and the iPhone 3.0 software I voluntarily installed has found the one surefire way to prevent dropped phone calls; don't allow the phone to make or receive calls of any kind.

But you, dear reader, are not here to serve as my punching bag. These bi-weekly diatribes are certainly not a place for me to bitch and moan about stuff or to be abusive toward my fellow mammals.

That's what my cat is for.

I will say that I have yet to get to the theater and see Year One, and that despite its being severely panned by critics I will go and enjoy it. Ramis, Black and Cerra - I believe in that team.

I also want to mention that I have finally purchased a PlayStation 3, and my gaming bliss has never been quite so complete. Who knew that happiness could be straight up bought, for a mere $400 and $50 a game (provided you already own a 360, of course).

Haters to the left, if you please.


Our foray into fame, the Illustrated FML, has been completed. The inspiration for this illustration can be found here, but only if you click it.


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As usual, anything ancillary to The Crooked Gremlins takes a back seat. But with something as prolific as FML, we knew we needed to step up our game and deliver.

To all of the newcomers: please know that you can buy prints of any comic you like (including the FML) and we will get them to you post-haste. International orders... we'll see. There might be problems.

Also know that we are officially attending Connecticon '09, and while we will not have what is known as "booth presence" we will have "bar presence." But only for the first hour or so after they start serving liquor. After that, I cannot honestly say that we will be mentally present.

Welcome to the UnderDark. Yes, we really are this fucking weird.

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