I guess we're really gonna follow through on this one.

I want to assure everyone, right here and now, that there will not be any "tripping balls" jokes. Sorry to tell you this way Paul, but I didn't want to fight about it. Now it's out in the open, and if my bloated corpse is discovered in a river everyone will know what drove you to it.

I apologize for putting my scribbles up here later than usual, but the Sheriff's posse's on my tail (cause I'm in demand). I've been grappling with a tricky bit of code that I'm developing for an interactive web platform and it keeps besting me. She's a wily minx, but I'll nail that ass if it kills me.

Wait. Not like that. Not with a minx.

The FML goes up in two days, which is before our next comic deadline. That means this piece of work is what will introduce a great number of people to our little world.

I wish I had more to tell them, but I must return to my PHP/jQuery wrestling match. I will not submit; not ever.