You all know what we're talking about, right?

There is a moment, after the feelings of shock and repulsion have worn off, where you can fall desperately in love with something that disgusts you. I like to think that's what happened between Elrond and his familiar. It's certainly what has happened with myself and the Paul Lucci brand of humor.

Just so our new readers know, today's update went up significantly later than usual (but it's still Sunday on the East Coast, which is on time.). The reasons for this delay are, I assure you, very compelling. But we ain't telling.

In accordance with my duties as a cultural observer, I have thought of an incredible device that should be sold as a peripheral for every gaming console out there; "The insert console name here Face." Essentially, it's the head of one of those boxing dummies connected via USB to your console, firmly situated next to you while you play. Whenever you experience the inevitable frustration that comes part and parcel with any gaming escapade, you are free to turn and punch the console in the face.

The punch data, including impact point and force, will be transfered to the console. A virtual face, with fully customizable features, will appear on the screen. His injuries will worsen over time as your wrath is unleashed. This wretched avatar will beg and plead for your mercy (or taunt you if that's what you're in to), all the while promising a patch will soon be released to fix whatever your problem is. Maybe they'll commiserate with you, saying things like, "You totally pressed A on time. The controller must be broken."

Sure, worldwide sales of replacement controllers will plummet, since they will no longer be destroyed from unadulterated frustration. But, in this new and greener world, we should have reusable forms of rage release.

My summer vacation, which sort of began already, kicks into high-gear in about 9 days. I'm still quite excited, although not as much as when it was just the anticipation of being excited. I suspect that the internal wiring of my brain is unique in this aspect. And probably others.

These people are doing something incredible. At the time of posting, they had raised over $20K for Child's Play. I'm thinking about running a "Theme Building Marathon," with donations going to WordPress.Org. Maybe I'll just code WordPress themes based on submitted designs for 72 hours straight. I'll let you know if that ever happens.