I apologize for the exceedingly late post today. (Way to start the Tuesday comics, jerks!) You see, Carter is out of town (again), so I am left to do the whole thing. No worries, though. It's a step towards a final goal we both share: the comic will eventually be out of his hands entirely! Thank god.

These are the jokes, people.

Really though, why not have an artist that does it all? I just need to "up my photoshop game" as Carter put it. He needs to up his not-doing-young-boys game. Yeah. Take that.

I also apologize for the short post, but it feels as if I am developing a stomach ulcer or a real gremlin is in there stabbing the shit out of the lining. I blame Elrond.

God damn, this is painful. I'ma go lay down. See you Thursday.