We may be horrible, but at least it's funny. I hope you don't think we're being too mean to the hipsters. Just know that in an earlier version of this strip, the emo-sans-makeup sumbitches were set on fire. On fire.

And if you don't get the ankles reference, feed your horribly broken sense of humor with this delicious clip.

You want "slice of life?" Here we go: the lettering for this comic was done on my laptop at the ferry landing on Islesboro, Maine, because that's the only place I could assuredly access the internet and have cell phone service. It's raining today, so I was sitting in my mom's car, typing furiously with my head bent over the keyboard and the whole of New England pouring it's excess water down around me.

But that nightmare is over, and now I'm sipping on some bourbon/hot water/lemon concoction that is noticeably improving my general demeanor.

This entire week has been one of constant mobility, and I'm excited to have a few days before Connecticon to actually relax.

I've been told by someone with some very serious horn-rimmed glasses that I need to get down on The Bugle Podcast. Apparently it's 40 minutes of John Oliver, Senior British Correspondent on The Daily Show, reading and commenting on the news.

I can't imagine that you would need more information than that.