I don't think they'll sell a lot of those "See Yourself Enjoying This Ride" pictures.

There exists, in my life, an entire subset of acquaintances (some of them even outright friends) that I only see once a year in a very specific context. I guess that's a normal part of the human experience, but since I don't ever talk about it I don't really know.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing this people, and they have all become very interested when I say the word "webcomic" when it directly follows the words "I do a". I am the first to admit to the inquirers that they are not our "target demographic," which is a nice of way of saying that we use the F word a lot. And the A word, the D word, the Q word...

You see where I'm going with this.

So I sit, bourbon in hand, and describe the lofty and far-reaching ideals that dwell within the machinery of this strip. I talk about the broad, the overview, the meta. I talk about art and how communication of an idea is generally harder than most people are willing to admit. Really, I do whatever it takes to not mention the fact that one of our characters drew DongZilla™ on the wall with corpse chalk.

Paul and I will meet tomorrow for some hot Connecticon action. If you're in the Hartford area, find us and say hi. We'll be the ones handing out these.