Hopefully, this will answer the question that burns within all of you; do Carter and Paul play video games? Yes. We most assuredly do.

How much do we think about video games? Well, some of you may already be familiar with Paul's 1Up blog. If someone were to ask me why he writes over there instead of under the Crooked Gremlins' banner, I would not have an answer on hand. He uses the blog as an outlet for his video game nerdery, but sometimes a game permeates his consciousness to the point where we simply have to do a comic about it. I'm certainly not immune to such infections, as you can plainly see.

Speaking of video games, you guys know that there's a landfill somewhere in New Mexico filled with over 2 million unopened copies of ET for the Atari 2600? If that's the kind of trivia that you're into, you can feast on some delicious information here.

We have added a new feature to the site; a Random button! Now you can jump through our insanity with relative ease. Consider it a gift.