What it is, honkylips?

So uh, you guys like porn or what?!  I know I do.  That's why I've been sitting around lookin at it all day.  Yup.  That's why this comic is late.

I don't even feel bad about it.  It was gross porn too.

Do you like video games too?  How about pushing cars out of the snow?  You do?!  Well then, I've got the game for you!  It's called Trials HD, and it will punch your ovaries clear off your balls.  It is just a mean bastard like that.

Trials HD is an Xbox live arcade game that'll run you 15 buckaroos and a shitload of patience.  Don't be misguided by the fun looking backflips and silly presentation of this one, oh no.  Underneath that X-treme veneer is a slimy hellpig, waiting to sing bad karaoke into your soul-hole.  Get just a couple of stages in and you'll wish your mom had never slept with that one-legged Motley Crue roadie.  Avoid it!  I swear!  It's the worst!

Or, if you like a good challenge, there's fun to be had.  Either way.