Behold, the return of the dick golem.  Apparently, they managed to oust him from the lair at some point.  We would have left him alone, but some things are just bigger than us.  Bigger... and smellier.

Today is important for two reasons.

The first is my good friend Phil's birthday.  That's why, last night, we mixed up some tequila and Red Bull Cola, or "Sterling's Fightin' Juice".  It mixes well, the cola just taking the edge off the tequila but leaving the balls.  However, as good as it was, I do not recommend drinking this beverage.  Let's just say the "fallout" is more than I bargained for.

The second reason that today is awesome is the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Finally, all us sweaty little nerds can get our hands on a Batman adventure that feels right.  I am super excited for this one.  Bitches gon' get bataranged!

That's all I got.